A sinuous line, a natural gesture.

1 base, 3 decorations, 17 available colors.

Lava stone becomes a surface on which curved lines, drawn by hand, chase each other and then slip away with instinctive grace.

Cenni glazed lava stone
20×20 cm; decorations 01, 02, 03,
wall viola mosto, floor rosa pesca;
random layout:

Cenni glazed lava stone
20!20 cm; decorations 01, 02, 03 verde
salvia; random layout.

The Cenni layouts suggested leave ample space for creativity. Check out our suggestions and start planning.

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Cenni glazed lava stone
20!20 cm; decorations 01, 02, 03 verde
salvia; random layout.


Data sheet


1 - 1,2 cm

Tiles per m2





Colours and patterns can be mixed and matched as desired. Other sizes, colours and special formats are available on request. Indicative colours: please refer to datasheets for accurate tones.

Color ranges


Color ranges all colours available with gloss (L) or matt finish (O).

grigio calcare
grigio lapillo
rosa cipria
azzurro polvere
verde salvia
bianco burro
grigio carbone
blu notte
blu temporale
verde oliva
verde bosco
rosa pesca
rosso mattone
rosso melograno
viola mosto
giallo zolfo
verde erba

Suggested layouts

Graphic layout examples.
  • The Cenni collection is designed to offer uninterrupted patterns formed by aligning marks and lines. Download suggested layouts

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