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The magical chemistry that links craftsmen to stone. The history of a land.

The journey began in Caltagirone, a city 
renowned for the production of artistic ceramics and
 whose urban landscape is a testamen
to of humanity’s creative genius.

This is where Nicolò and Fausto – flanked by the creative direction of Margherita Rui – created Ninefifty.


At 950°C, clay and lava are fused with their glaze and transformed: materials take on new forms and new colours.

The ninefifty range of floor and wall tiles is the result of research, experimentation and analyses into the methods and processes possible with these materials.


This is how ninefifty floor and wall tiles are made, working by hand, using new processes to reinterpret ancient methods in a way that is consistent with a modern vision of production.


Ninefifty is a net zero company.

As manufacturers we have decided to invest in a sustainable business strategy that extends from our products to our business structure.  Ours is a short supply chain that lets us have a good degree of control over raw material quarrying. Our vision is regenerative, respecting every resource of our land while minimising waste.


We have purchased a crusher in which we recycle production waste, grind it and mix it in with new mixtures. We also collect rain water in special tanks where it is left to settle naturally and is then reused in our production flows.


To prevent excessive soil exploitation, we transform lava stone and ceramic waste into geopolymers and we use this material to restore our cultural heritage, supporting the ambitious research projects promoted by the Ministry of Education.

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