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The imperfect beauty of the material becomes a design asset.


Tile decorating expresses the dexterity of mankind; it’s a spontaneous gesture that makes each tile unique.

This is where the study and reinterpretation of ancient processing and decorating techniques (like sgraffito, incising and pouncing) starts, giving rise to primal, primitive and ancient signs reminiscent of the symbols of the circle and of the line.

This encounter with designer and creative director Margherita Rui has given rise to a fruitful dialogue between the designer and the artisans.

Margherita Rui seeks to explore a material, be it clay or volcanic basalt, to take it to a new conception of truth: tactile, imperfect, and for this very reason, beautiful. A philosophy born out of researching into ancient techniques that have now become contemporary aesthetic trends.

Art Direction

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