• Ninefifty, the energy and culture of a land.

    A new decorative language.
    An authentic mark.

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  • Handmade

    Lava and clay take on a different form at 950 degrees.

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    The journey began in Caltagirone, a city 
renowned for the production of artistic ceramics, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose very urban landscape is testament to humanity’s creative genius. This is where Nicolò and Fausto - flanked by the creative direction of Margherita Rui - created Ninefifty.

    The material is chosen, reinterpreted and transformed.

  • The age-old traditions of the Caltagirone
area, paired with the dexterity of its artisans in moulding materials, meet cutting-edge technologies and an appetite for experimentation.

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    Ninefifty is green for nature.

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    Ninefifty is naturally green. Lava stone is made to last over time and it can be crushed and reused at the end of its lifecycle.

    To reduce special waste production we use lead-free paints and glazes.

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